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I’m so sorry I did not meet you all three years ago… my son would have been here.  At six years old he had fought a good fight and I am happy I did everything I could for him.  He was diagnose with brain tumor three years ago, did all his treatment but the cancer came back.  I changed his diet and I decided I was not going to let him take anymore steroid because it weakened his bones.  Someone told me about you.  I started late with your treatment but I am happy I did; the progress he made in such short space of time was remarkable, even the doctor was impressed.  I got permission to bring the special tea and his food in ICU because I did not want him eating certain thing.  I gave all organic food.  He made such great change in a few days, the doctor and others asked me what I was giving him.  I gave him Dr. Johnson’s number and they talked.  He told me he is thinking of incorporating the natural medicine in his practice.  He was impressed.

I am so happy that I found you people.  You are God sent.  My husband is doing so much better; I used to have to drag him up in the bed now he’s able to help himself.  The children are so pleased to see him, he so much more pleasant now, especially when he comes home from dialysis.  Better yet, he is now able to urinate since he started taking the Special Tea from Dr. Johnson; he has not done so for a very long time. Since he is taking the GAP pills he doesn’t complain for the poor circulation in his legs. Again, God bless you all.

Since I started taking the GAP pills the swelling in my feet went down, I no longer have the cramp in my legs, my circulation is so much better.  When I went to the doctor he said my blood pressure is doing much better he took me off one of my blood pressure pill. Thanks to you.

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