In this video you will know about what are the benefits of cleansing the body from inside. Why high blood pressure, high sugar, poor blood circulation happen in the body and which food make you diabetic.

When you clean the body then your blood pressure, sugar level and cholesterol comes down.

I will tell you about 14 foods that can make you diabetic.

Processed White Sugar:-We found it as the no. 1 eating thing that can make you diabetic. This is a like a drug and acid in your body.

Sugar substitute:-These are 300 to 500 times sweeter than processed white sugar. It can raise your sugar level immediately. Real brown sugar is what you want. It is real and not like processed sugar.

White flour: – Breads, cake, everything is made up with white flour.

Soft Drinks:-Coffee, soda, cold drinks, juice, tea all are very dangerous for your body and diet soda have more sugar than the normal soda.

Water: – People tell that they need to drink 10 to 8 glass of water every day, but this is wrong. National channel like CNN and government is also telling that you should not drink too much water. Average person has to drink 4 to 5 glass throughout the day. There are many people who do not understand this and suffer from kidney related ailments.

Animal Fat: – Butter, margarine, lord saturated fat, these all are the major problems for the body and it causes blood problems in the body.

Junk food: – Junk food items such as burgers, pizzas etc. these are very dangerous for the body but French fries are the most dangerous food in the market. It causes cancer.

Regular Soda: – If you drink it, you are dropping all the sugar in your body.

Red Meat:-Red Meat has fat and fat clouts the blood and when blood becomes very thick then that causes the high sugar level and also muces. This muces comes from dairy product because dairy product is the most muces forming products in the world. Do you know half of the heart attack and stroke happen because of muces that is in the blood.

Fruits:-You cannot have banana. You must eliminate the banana orange, grapes and also dry fruit. These are the major food items which increase the sugar level.

How to get rid of this:-Clean the blood as this can decrease the high sugar level. Don’t take pills it does not take sugar out of your blood.